Touchdown! The Superbowl and Audience Measurement

The annual NFL Super Bowl is a particularly hallowed experience in an American context. Not only for the fact that sport has remained the pinnacle in the saturated American sport market but also due to the riveting advertising battle that takes place every year. That is right. The advertising is just as important, if not more important than the game itself. As Kay expresses it is a “pop culture phenomenon that is here to stay”.

But why would an advertising company pay $4 million dollars for an advertising spot? Well, simply it is due to the ridiculous market share that the Super Bowl has. The fact that your brand can broadcast to an audience of 112 million people, far greater than any other conceivable market share (highest rating show ever!!) is the great allure.

Yet is this an effective means of reaching your target market? Is an advertisers intended demographic being reached or is it simply lost in the wash of how vast the viewership is during the Super Bowl. CMO Network argues that the Super Bowl is about the safest bet in advertising that you can find. The appeal of the wide view share  and constant talk of the brand on social media gives you unprecedented “replay value”.

IB times however, questions the ability for the advertising to truly engage the market. They showed that the ads failed to actually sell product and produce brand recognition that would justify the price tag of the advertising. Cross Media found a similar issue with the advertising as only 70% of viewers actually attributed the advertising to brand recognition and within that only 30% intended to buy a product.

Here in lies why audience measurement is so important in a general sense. The biggest audience share garners the most expensive advertising spot. This is why our major television networks want a change in the amount of time they can spend showing advertisement. Without this attraction would audience measurement really be that important? It would be somewhat important to know who you are showing to, but maybe less so if you didn’t need to advertise to a particular demographic.

Regardless audience measurementt is here to stay, with a particular interest in who, what and why we are watching. Either way, I’m all for it, especially if I can continue to see puppies falling in love with horses.



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