A Royale With Cheese.

 “Glocalisation” of products is practically inevitable. Appadurai described it best as such;

…as rapidly as forces from various metropolises are bought into the new societies they tend to become indigenised in one way or another.

One of the great Tarantino scenes actually says a lot to me about how global/glocalisation actually works. The idea of how a major franchise will change its product pending on location speaks volumes to it.

The necessity of this from a business standpoint is unquestionable and expansion into global markets  would likely fail without it.

But what does this say about our new global environment? Does this make “McDonaldisation” a feasible  outcome for the growth and development of a global economy


are we stripping away the very thing that makes the difference in our spatiality so unique and precious for  a quick buck.

I remember during my first degree Dr. Natascha Klocker asking what is a “developing” country really  needing to develop to? Is a western principle of how we should fundamentally develop our economy  suitable to many of these situations or is the loss of culture and tradition suffered too hefty a price to pay?

Inevitably this is always where globalisation debate will end up.

Utopian vs. Dystopian.

While I can’t be definitive  I have an inkling the right answer is somewhere in the vs.


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