Introduction V.2

My name is Peter and I’m a first year Media and Communication/Journalism Student. This is my second go around at UOW and am really enjoying how this course is panning out.

I’d never really considered media space as a thing before this subject, but the idea of using media according to space is interesting. I find that I am guilty of burying my face in my phone in public and constantly trying to engage in the social media sphere. I think it is exemplified by this photo…

My Media Space

My Media Space

I always watch my television like this, with laptop and phone in tow. But why? What makes you act in this way. I can’t possibly consume all of these things at once. I’m hoping that this subject will clarify this and bring up other interesting questions.


2 thoughts on “Introduction V.2

  1. Im sitting on my couch, watching a movie for my History subject, while looking at your blog on my laptop, and my phone is sitting next to me on the couch.

    Its not overconsumption, its timefriendly multitasking!

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