Over 9000! Transmedia and Google Glass.

Maybe it’s the fan boy in me but as soon as I saw Google Glass I envisioned this:

and as soon as the idea of transmedia story telling was presented to me I thought immediately about this clip and it’s possible implications.

What if the ability to see people’s life force was possible to bring a game interface to a augmented reality was possible? Surely this would be the ultimate interface for avid fans of media to interact with the story line? Like geocaching on a much broader and complex level.

Even this April fools joke by Google Maps had die-hard fans of the Pokemon realm salivating. Surely this is the future of narrative,

Little did I know that at the time major movements in transmedia storytelling in the Google Glass realm had already happened. The web series State of Syn was already in development for a Google Glass App that would disseminate information that wasn’t made previously available. It is interesting to think of cult series like these in terms of potential user markets for Google Glass, particularly when a target market seems difficult to pin down.

This user issue evidently presents the biggest issue for Google Glass and an augmented reality transmedia story text. While Google Glass has the ability to do all that Jenkins says it should, it will be a waste without a greater user base. There is no point telling a story in a transmedia sphere if there is no one watching, listening, responding and adapting. However, if the user base is there the possibilities of the technology could very well be endless.


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