A Murdoch State of Mind: Media Control.

In a global environment where information is quickly disseminated to the masses, the concept of media ownership is a huge issue. It is such an important topic as the ability to own a mass media outlet can give the proprietor a direct impact on the information they want the audience to see or not see. Unequivocally this is  of great importance, particularly if the media is used as an open personal mandate.

The people who have the ability to disseminate to the mass media, particularly in Australia are,

This small group has had a profound effect on Australian society over the last 24 months. Whilst we discovered in media effects that not all ideas and ideologies are taken up by society the sphere of influence can be quite strong. This influence was eminent over the latest federal election where seemingly the Coalition was voted in due to the media influence.



This influence undoubtedly prospered ill feelings to the previous government whilst seeing hope and a fresh start with the new government. New media shift has also started to dictate sphere of control issues and ideas over recent times. Whilst this new media dissemination ability (e.g. blogs, twitter) has allowed for citizen journalism and the ability for many to contribute the media ownership has actually decreased.

In a Global context, media control at its worst can lead to a propaganda state. This is the case in most communist countries such as North Korea. This typifies the ultimate restriction in information dissemination and building of an ideology. While Australia and other western countries are not at this level of control it is easy to see how this influence could affect these countries. However the outward trend of billionaire ownership of mass media can be just as concerning.


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