The Ultimate “Produser” – The Google Glass Explorer

It’s as if Dr Axel Bruns had thought it up himself.

A technology that seemingly typifies what the very idea of “Produsage” is. The Google Glass Explorer experience is the perfect meshing of the main focus of Produsage – the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement”.This innate sense of collaboration comes from the community that the Google Glass testers have built.

Due to this broad-based collaboration the testers have extended and improved what the technology and software can do for them. This ability to improve the software is typified by the number of new Google Glass Apps (over 100) and what these apps are making possible. You need only search for google glass in YouTube to find a myriad of different abilities for the technology. By far the coolest is…

The testers have also engaged with the ability to make and create apps for their own use. This ability to shift from creator to user is typified in a Produsage technology. Whilst a lot of the apps are disseminated by professionals due to the characteristics of the Explorer, some amateurs have built apps to great effect

The slow development of the next Google Glass update is due to the constantly changing nature of the technology and the market and what it needs from the program. It is definitive of the idea that these technologies are always evolving and reshaping themselves. This continued development yielded little results into how the Glass copyright systems would be deployed, although at a glance it would seem that the app nature of the technology, would render it similar to copyright laws of other mobile technologies.

It’s not hard to see why the Google Glass is a Produser’s dream and will only become a more effective user led tool once it goes onto the retail “market” (today…for 24 hours…for $1500 US).


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