To Henry Jenkins and Beyond: Is Google Glass the Future, Now?

“We need to shed some of our own intellectual and ideological blinders, to avoid knee jerk or monolithic formulations and to imagine new possible relations.” Jenkins (2004, p. 42).

The convergent media landscape can be tricky for media creators and its audience to navigate. Often there is a tension between what the creator wants the audience to be able to do with their medium and what the audience wants from it and how it would like to use it.

In the above quote from Henry Jenkins article “The cultural logic of media convergence”, Jenkins describes the tension that arises in the new media landscape. It’s all about control and ownership, both from a technological and content sense. Jenkins depicts this tension through 9 important negotiations that current producers and “prosumers” will need to navigate as we continue to develop in this new media landscape.

So, How does Google Glass fit into this complex tension between old and new? Seemingly it does it using an open generative platform. This platform, which is a mainstay of Android ran products, allows users to control their own content and gives them the ability to change the platform. In fact, Google Glass encourages “explorers” to change how the system is run.



The nature of Google Glass seemingly builds the tension between the old and new even more. By being hands free and easy to access, Glass almost necessitates everything being public content, much to the disadvantage of old media producers. The ease and ability to make user-created content also increases the void. If Google Glass and augmented reality technology reach high levels of popularity the impact could be unforeseen, particularly on old media production.

Is Glass the future? Maybe, but there is little doubt it would change the media landscape.


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