“Don’t be a Glasshole!” The Google Glass Audience

The Google Glass audience looks something like this.

The Google Glass “Explorers” are a variety of beta testers that are testing the product for the company. This audience is demographically vast but are defined by the want to be at the forefront of the innovation instilled in the Glass project and the fact that they could afford the $1500 (US) billing for the experience (Let’s just say I couldn’t be in the cohort).

…But this guy could and he’s awesome!

Other interesting Explorers are found in the Google Glass community. This collection of dialogic media inclined testers has formed a surprisingly strong bond over the eyewear. Often into the Google+ or Blogging sphere you will find hints, tips and tricks that allow other users to more freely and to better respond with the software. It remains to be seen however if after the testing period has finished whether this strong sense of community will live on.

Seemingly the reason for the high level support of the testers is Google’s gain. By providing this network it allows for the Explorers issues to be heard and hopefully rectified within the community. As with most testing it is important to keep the Explorers on the product and not have them lose faith or interest in it. This hopefully constant testing should allow the bonded relationship of the Glasses and the Explorer, which Google are hoping will be the main selling point of the Glass.

Opposition to the Glass however has come thick and fast from outside of the Explorer community. While most comments are in jest about how ridiculous the Glasses are this could be a major issue for Google once testing is done. By saturating the media with ill feelings about the product this could prevent an uptake by a wider audience base.


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