Entering the Blogosphere…


Hello! My name is Peter and this is my introductory blog post. Albeit later than a Tiger Airlines flight but bare with me! In the first week I was doing this

And in the second week my internet was doing this

So, a little about me. I consider myself a young “maturey” at 23.(I swear i won’t ask ridiculous questions (maybe sometimes (I’m just going to go ahead and apologise now))). I’m studying a double degree in Journalism and Media and Communication. I have always been interested in media particularly sports, and am looking for a career in that.

This is my 3rd attempt at a career choice after finishing a degree in Population Health and an almighty failed attempt at thinking I could actually be a Geography Teacher (It lasted 10 months of my Masters, young adults are so mean!). After spending 6 years in the “what in the hell is my life going to be” wilderness i feel like I’m finally on the right path…

Outside of UOW I do normal things that normal people do: sport, music, work etc etc.

Thank you for reading my introductory blog, if you see me around say hello and please feel free to comment or get at me on twitter.




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