Can I Go Incognito? Copyright and Privacy Issues of Google Glass

Since the start of Google Glass many sceptics have likened its introduction to…



This frequently mentioned dystopian, post apocalyptic world has continued to drown the media and public opinion surrounding Google Glass since. This feeling is created more so from the public’s fear of the suspected lack of privacy and government control than anything else. Should the public worry about privacy and copyright issues when it pertains to Google Glass?

Many Google Glass commentators believe that poor dissemination of  information by Google about its useable eye wear technology has led to the fear mongering that many critics are doing. Jason Hong remarks that the lack of experience with the technology has resulted in ill-advised conclusions to be raised about its uses and abilities. He figures that over time this perception will change and people will feel more comfortable with Glass.

Embroiled in this lack of privacy issue is the idea of copyright and intellectual property. For some it is the  “who owns the selfie” argument. If someone takes a photo of you with their Google Glasses do you own the rights to it or can you stop the person from using said image. Concerns have also been raised about the “constant” recording and whether people would be willing to share intellectual property or content for fear of having that idea stolen (from pictures or recording.)

These concerns have led Google to publicly debunk Glass rumours in the past week, which they hoped would clear up some of the common myths and fears surrounding the technology.

However, this public perception may be harder to improve when stories like this surface


Google Glass: Fad, Fashion or the Future?

Putting Google in your brain. The notion sounds trivial but its something we’ve all thought (somewhat) about at some point in time. I’m forever thinking to myself, ah i’ll just Google it. So what if we had the ability to search something on the spot without having to go to our laptop or phone. Well lucky for us this is where Google Glass comes in.



Later in 2014 (don’t quote me on this, Glass has had a constantly changing release date), people will be able to purchase Google Glass and have many of their favourite Google features and their fingertips, or rather, eye lashes.

But what was it designed to do? Why go to such great lengths to provide this to users? Google co founder Sergey Brin gave reason to this in a TED talk in February of 2013

The most interesting point from this TED talk is the idea of connection. Does strapping the internet onto your head in real life really make you more connected? If using your phone arbitrarily worse than being distracted but pretending that you are present? Google is banking on the idea of “freeing up” your senses to the world but is a world where you a constantly living through the Glass really doing so?

Many critics of Google Glass feel that privacy (especially government connected), legal (including copyright) and personal issues (disconnect) outweigh any positive that Google Glass may create. They also fear that the world will be overrun with general dorky-ness and will become a giant cesspit of creep. However will all of this negative attention be diminished when it circulates to a mass market?

This polarising technology has an interesting and exciting future, one which we will hopefully develop sooner rather than later.

Entering the Blogosphere…


Hello! My name is Peter and this is my introductory blog post. Albeit later than a Tiger Airlines flight but bare with me! In the first week I was doing this

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This is my 3rd attempt at a career choice after finishing a degree in Population Health and an almighty failed attempt at thinking I could actually be a Geography Teacher (It lasted 10 months of my Masters, young adults are so mean!). After spending 6 years in the “what in the hell is my life going to be” wilderness i feel like I’m finally on the right path…

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